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Emergency Communications Jump Kit

Got your jump kit ready?

Are you ready for the next natural disaster? If you are called tomorrow to provide emergency communications for your community, will you be ready to answer? This list will assist you in making sure you have what you need, ready to go at a moments notice.

If you have suggestions for additions or modifications to this list, let us know!

Click HERE for a printer-friendly version of this list to keep in your jump kit
Carry on Your Person - Comms Gear
 Radio  Headset/Mic*  Speaker/Mic*  Spare Battery
 Antenna Adapters  Auto Pwr Adapter  Notebook/Pen  Watch/Clock
Carry on Your Person - Personal Gear
 Water Container  Pocket Vest/LBV  Identification  Money
 Glasses/Contacts  Multitool  Chapstick  Earplugs
 Hiking Boots/Shoes  Hat (Sun/Cold*)  Tissue Pack  Compass/Whistle
Backpack - Comms Gear
 Extra HT  Gain Antenna  Extra Batteries  Repeater Directory
 Scanner/Wx Radio  GPS Unit  DC PS Cable  Radio Manual
Backpack - Personal Gear
 Address Book  Sun Glasses  Medications  Vitamins
 Hard Candy  Snacks  Eating Utensils  Food (MRE)
 Rubber Bands  Paper Clips  Non-glass Mirror  Handi-Wipes
 Rain Poncho  Insect Repellent  Sun Screen  1st Aid Kit
 Safety Pins  Maps (Road/Topo)  Pens/Markers  Kerchief/Towel
 Binoculars  Flashlight  Leather Gloves  Water Treatment
 Calculator  Zip Lock Bags  Camera  Hand Sanitizer
 Chg of Socks  Chg of Shirt  Duct Tape  Electrical Tape
Jump Bag & Tool Box
 VHF/UHF SWR Meter  Multimeter  Propane Torch/Solder  Fuses
 Rope (2 @ 50')  Hammock  Coax Jumpers  Toiletries
 Band Aids/Mole Skin  Mosquito Net w/PVC frame  Sleeping Bag/Pillow  Shower Shoes
*Depending on assignment/mission/environment. Never underestimate the weather!!
This is a FREE service!

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