Echolink Georgia Conference

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Welcome To the EGC homepage

This website was established to provide a one-stop source of information, assistance, and technical knowledge for anyone interested in all things Echolink Georgia Conference. The primary purpose of the Conference is to provide a backup communications link across the state of Georgia during severe weather or other emergency events. But, with its regularly connected users, repeaters, and links across the US and around the world, as well as a wide range of part time users and links, you never know who or where you might be able to talk to! For Echolink software downloads or specific questions, visit


In just a short amount of time, the Georgia Conference has become one of the most active and fastest growing conferences on Echolink! Because of the wide array of talents and experiences of its users, the Conference is often referred to as "The Radio Learning Channel". All properly configured repeaters, links, or individual users registered with Echolink, whether by RF, PC, or mobile phone, are free to drop in and join the conversation [Please do not link other conferences to the Georgia Conference without advanced permission].

Why was the Georgia Conference established? Is it only for Georgia stations? How did the EGC play a key role in 2016 during Hurricane Matthew? Is there a repeater with Echolink capabilities near me?

What is a simplex node and how can I set one up? What's the difference between the -R and -L user designators? What constitutes a "properly configured repeater"? What is a Test Server?

For info on a number of Echolink related and GC specific projects, as well as photographs of repeaters and nodes, check here

Can't find what you are looking for? Already checked the official Echolink website and still can't find an answer? Contact the EGC Team!